Online since Friday, march 22nd, the second season of The OA was also honored at the festival Series Mania. The opportunity to meet Irene Jacob, who accompanied the screening of the first two episodes. Netflix Its role in the second part of The OA is mysterious. On the occasion of the festival Series Mania, held at Lille from 22 to 30 march, Irène Jacob came to present the first two episodes, to be broadcast on the big screen. On this occasion, she explained a little her character and how she perceived the work if singular of the creators of the series, Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. About his character, ” Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij have thought of The Double Life Of Veronique and Red by Krzysztof Kieślowski during the writing of the series and for them, there was definitely the sense to offer me the role because the characters that I was able to play, have nourished their imagination. I just help the main characters. It is not perceived with psychology because it is a character very surprising that demand to let a little bit go to the fantasy. Despite this, it is more in the sense that in the emotion, because it helps others to move forward, even to some which do him absolutely no good, since she meets Jason Isaac, who does think that the kill. But it will still help because the borders are disrupted in this season, whether it is in the notions of space and time ; of good and evil.

There are scenes that we shot that were not retained in the final cut, but that helped me get into my character. Moments, including a great scene of dance, where I’m not trying to give information, to tell things, but where we see that she can be for herself. I am filled with ideas about my character but in the end, the explanation that I could give of him did not have much impact. The idea was to find the reality of each moment.” Netflix

About the series ” When one arrives in the second season of the series, one wonders how to get in there. When I saw the first part, I noticed how much the universe was free, inventive, surprising. One wonders how one could write such a work and how it reaches out to the people then. There is an emotion that holds through the episodes which is very strong. And although this is a very metaphysical, it is still taken up with the reality. After the projection [Monday evening, at the festival Series Mania], when we walked out of the room, once in the street I do not think it strange. The series speaks to us today, a world that is between virtuality and reality. There are these gamers who are trying to break into a video game, there is this factory of dreams “.

About the creators of The OA, Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij ” They have a great friendship for each other for a long time, a great complicity, too. They have made two feature films beautiful together. They have a great confidence in each other, a great mutual admiration, a respect for standing. Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij are very strong with this force in two. They do not have any desire to bend to outside requests. They have taken a lot of time to write up this part two ; it will take time for part three. There is a way for them to escape the formatting, and even in the way of telling a story. We accept things that appear to us to be wild and at the same time, we feel that it is perfectly mastered. We accept not to understand and accept being caught. They have a big talent “. One wonders how one could write such a work and how it reaches out to the people then. About his roles in the series ” making of the series, I discover a different pleasure. Don’t know where my character is going to go, not knowing if I will be in the season two, if I play in such or such an episode. There is always an unknown, so we try to find the best way to play on the moment and find a reality, without really controlling what is going on. I still love the film and I never said that I was going to shift the focus to the series. In recent years, I’ve done a lot of theatre, I’m playing a piece with Thomas Ostermeier, I have also worked with Pascal Thomas. I always choose the people with whom I want to work, no matter if it is a series, a movie or a play. The nature of the work is less important than the person who made it “. The OA season 1 : the mysterious series of eight moments of grace to See the slideshow Slideshow The OA : The mysterious series Netflix in 8 moments of grace and 8 photos

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